• Learn with Fun

At BV Language, we design our own teaching methods in order to deliver class in fun atmosphere. Learning materials are not limited only in the textbooks but we also use slide presentation, VTR as well as videos to let students enjoy visual learning experience and engrave language skills in their long-term memory.

  • Much easier to learn

Our staff have good command of both English and Thai (as native speakers). For the most effective result, every class is taught by Thai teachers who can explain in students’ languages. If you are from English-speaking country, we offer you a Thai teacher who can speak English. This is because 1) You can understand difficult grammar much easier in your mother tongue. 2) The comparison of two languages can be explained from specialists’ view.

  • More convenient

Language classes are hold in the institute as well as your office and residence at your selectable time.

  • More effective

As every class is designed according to students’ purpose of study such as Thai for corporate training class, Thai for daily life, Thai for travelling, etc. Learners can choose the topics that are useful for them. Moreover, we offer both private class and group class of 6 students for more frequent participation of each person in class practices.

Please select your course.

This course is suitable for children aging between 7-12 years old. The course enables children to learn Thai while they are creating their art master pieces. Easy Thai conversation between teacher and learners is not limited only the topics about the art but also everyday use dialogue. Students are granted a chance to present their pieces in front of the class in simple Thai language.

For children from 7-12 years old, this course includes basic pronunciation and Thai character writing. Also, children will enjoy taking a role play and playing games with a teacher by speaking Thai. Students will improve Thai language skills as well as self-confidence after this course.

In order to improve scores of Thai class as well as other classes in school, this course is for foreign students who are studying in Thai schools or children who want to learn Thai for using in primary and secondary school. Students can study the subjects delivered in Thai such as mathematics, science, social, and so on to boost up their scores in those specific topics. In addition, instructors can adapt the course for individual needs, including preparation for entrance examination or Thai Language Proficiency Test.

For students in International schools, the institute offers a class which is designed for those who are in EP, NEP, IE, NIE and Bilingual programs. Students can choose their convenient time for class as well as teachers. Our current students include those from Patumwan Demonstration School, Saint Gabriel, Assumption, Saint Joseph, Potisarn, Yothinburana, Watnairong, Thewphaingarm and so on. We offer private class or a class with limited number of students at 6 people for more effective learning results.

The program is appropriate for one who has little or no Thai language skills. In the class, students will learn fundamental grammar as well as easy-to-use everyday conversation in several situations and Thai traditions which are very useful for living in Thailand.


This short-term course is for a foreigner with little or no Thai language skills who loves travelling in the kingdom. The class consists of useful conversation and basic grammar that can be immediately applied while travelling; for example, hotel reservation, flight ticket reservation, conversation in restaurants, asking for direction, money exchange, etc. Besides, class instructors also share their useful tips as well as travel experiences with students.


This course is designed for foreigners who use Thai language in their professional part, including translator, secretary and tour guide.The program provides all Thai language skills, including writing, listening, reading, translating, speaking and conversation in specific situations.


This course is for a foreign professional who wants to improve Thai language skills. The curriculum consists of grammar and some situational conversations in workplace; for example, paragraph writing, report writing, languages for a meeting, negotiation and business conversation. In addition, experienced instructors also teach some aspects about organizational cultures for working with Thai people. The program can be adapted to suite with specific purposes of each company. The class is arranged both at our institute and students’convenient places. For more details, 083-816-6872 or connect_bvk@hotmail.com